800w, 1200w, 1920w" alt="Carbon Lite explores an ultralight carbon fiber teardrop with its Rift lineup" />

Carbon fiber is the type of material we'd love to see more of in camper design, but we usually only see it on large, extraordinarily expensive luxury camper rigs like the Earthroamer XV-LTi or Darc Mono. Washington startup Carbon Lite Trailers is looking to bring carbon construction to the tiny end of the spectrum, using it to create a simple utility-cum-camping teardrop so lightweight it can be pulled by a motorcycle as well as a humble electric car. Called the Rift, the trailer easily shifts between cargo hauling and camping via a lightweight removable galley wall, offering seven-day-a-week utility. Crisp edges, gullwing doors, glossy gelcoat carbon fiber and striking graphics combine to create a trailer that looks straight out of the motorsport market and rides like it isn't even in the rear-view.

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