TruckHouse keeps things light but comfortable with a single-piece carbon-reinforced composite camper module

Even with the launch of options like the Hiatus Camper, Toyota-based 4x4 mini-RVs have a way of leaving our American team members deep, deep green with envy. Most recently it was the EarthCruiser XTR. Why can't we get something just like that in the United States? Well, there's no American-market Land Cruiser 79 Series, but there is at least one rugged, go-anywhere Toyota pickup roaming the American West in packs. And Nevada-based startup TruckHouse turns the Toyota Tacoma into a compact beast of an all-terrain expedition vehicle, finding a middle ground between huge expedition trucks and 4x4 camper vans. Its BCT carbon fiber-reinforced Tacoma off-road camper rig explores the most distant stretches of Earthly land and drops down a comfortable base camp.

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