Thanks to left and right hookups, the VanTourer Urban kitchen can be used on either side of the van

Mercedes-Benz tends to be synonymous with top-end German luxury in the US, but over in Europe, it has a much broader connotation, especially when the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon rolls through town. There, Mercedes-Benz equates to everything from Benz-in-Benz ultra-premium motorhomes larger and comfier than any Mercedes-Maybach, to hardcore backcountry barges, to refined camper vans efficiently packaged down to the millimeter. VanTourer's new Urban debuts in that last category, mixing a small Vito-based pop-top alternative in with the company's lineup of larger Ducato campers. Its smart floor plan brings an indoor/outdoor kitchen, four sleeping berths, and the ability to change back into a work-ready cargo van or comfy minivan.

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