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  1. The resurrection of a failed Alzheimer’s drug set to test FDA approval

    A once-promising anti-Alzheimer’s drug failed in final clinical trials early in 2019, but now the company producing it is claiming it analyzed the data incorrectly. The drug actually works, it says,...
  2. This $150 back massager is just $93 with this holiday coupon code

    Sitting in front of a monitor for extended periods slowly misaligns your spine, leading to posture issues later. Luckily, the Thorex Back Muscle Massager will help you relieve back pain. Grab one...
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    Thermoelectric Tomato-Based Shirt

    An innovative T-shirt able to generate electricity from body heat is also made using eco-friendly materials.

  4. Star-Shaped Delivery Ideal for Montly Birth Control Pill

    A star-shaped drug delivery capsule can slowly release its cargo of medication in the body for up to four weeks.

  5. Shelby juices up the F-150 into a tarmac-tearing supertruck

    Most people don't need a 770-hp AWD supertruck with thin sports tires, an aerodynamic front splitter, race brakes and a 3.45-second 0-60 mph time. There are others, though, that would look at...
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    The biggest battery breakthroughs of 2019

    This year offered a little something for everybody with an interest in battery development, bringing us devices that could charge electric vehicles in 10 minutes and others that suck CO2 out of the...
  7. Most massive black hole in the local universe discovered

    Astronomers from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics and at the University Observatory Munich have found the largest black hole using direct mass measurements so far. It has a mass...
  8. Saving the ozone layer drastically reduced climate change effects

    The Montreal Protocol in the 1980s has allowed the ozone layer to recover, and now scientists have found that it had another benefit – it’s already slowed climate change effects by up to 25 percent,...
  9. Putting lights on gillnets cuts bycatch of sea turtles and dolphins

    Researchers have found that installing LED lights on top of floating gillnets reduces the accidental catch of unwanted species dramatically. In recent tests, the bycatch of sea turtles and dolphins...
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    WAF names World Building of the Year

    A disused railway storage shed that's been transformed into an innovative public library has been awarded the prestigious World Building of the Year prize at the 2019 World Architecture Festival in...
  11. Trial suggests fasting 14 hours a day helps diabetes and weight loss

    A study is suggesting restricting food intake to a 10-hour window each day may be a simple way to help treat metabolic syndromes. The 12-week study revealed the intervention, in conjunction with...
  12. FrogPhone Lets Researchers Call Frogs for Science

    The FrogPhone lets scientists listen in on frog calls remotely, reducing trips to the site and risks of disturbing the frogs.

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    The best smartwatches of 2019

    It's been a busy year for smartwatches, as they continue to steal the focus from simpler, plainer fitness trackers. Here's a look at the most notable smartwatch launches of the past 12 months, and...
  14. Self-healing, shape-shifting hydrogel behaves like muscle and skin

    Scientists in Australia have developed a jelly-like material with many of the properties of living tissue. A form of a hydrogel, it is self-healing, very strong and can change its shape – allowing it...
  15. Air France conducts world first test of self-driving baggage tractor

    World first tests of an autonomous baggage tractor in real airport service conditions are underway at Toulouse-Blagnac airport in France. Built by Charlatte Autonom, the sensor-laden robotic EV is...
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    Lightweight Wireless Electronic Skin

    A wireless electronic skin that transmits haptic feedback to the wearer could lead to a new generation of VR devices and social media applications.

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    Microwave Remove Heavy Metals from Biowaste

    An innovative process of removing heavy metals from biosolids using microwaves could lead to a new source of fertilizer.

  18. VISTASEAL Fibrin Sealant Stops Surgical Bleeds

    The VISTASEAL Fibrin Sealant from Ethicon can be delivered quickly to control unexpected surgical bleeds.

  19. RightEye Tracks Vision to Diagnose Parkinson's

    The RightEye Vision eye-tracking test for Parkinson’s disease could lead to an earlier diagnosis—and earlier treatment.

  20. Modular ski/surf bum camper van keeps van life thriving in winter

    The US may not have Europe's market of affordable, mass-produced camper vans, but it holds its own in off-grid vans custom-built around adventure sports. Many are focused on summer, but Titan offers...
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    Tranparent Hydrogel Hardens When Heated

    A transparent hydrogel that hardens when heated could be used to create protective clothing or insulating windows.

  22. Cellular eco-monitoring tech lets frogs "phone it in"

    Frog populations are a key indicator of an area's ecological health, and one of the best ways of gauging their levels involves estimating the number of frog vocalizations being made at one time. The...
  23. BolaWrap offers police a new non-lethal method of subduing suspects

    Although Tasers are an effective alternative to the use of lethal force by police officers, getting shot by one is still quite a painful experience. That's where the BolaWrap 100 comes in – when...
  24. Qualcomm launches the Snapdragon 865 to power the flagships of 2020

    Qualcomm has unveiled its brand new flagship mobile chipset for 2020, the Snapdragon 865 – key upgrades cover 5G, camera performance, and display technologies like HDR and Dolby Vision.
  25. For stronger 3D-printed titanium alloys – just add copper?

    The 3D-printing of titanium-alloy objects does open up some intriguing possibilities. That said, the finished items aren't always as strong as they could be. New research suggests that adding copper...
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