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    Electricity 'Out of Thin Air'

    Scientists have developed a device that uses a natural protein to create electricity from moisture in the air.

  2. The 1,000-hp 1969 Mustang Mach 1 "Hitman" with John Wick paint job

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/10/ec/7d7ebf4f4d128e2f189a88bdd619/rsz-classic-recreations-hit-man-mustang-01-2.jpg" alt="A modified restoration, the Hitman Mustang Mach 1 is a modernized...
  3. Surena IV is Iran's Most Advanced Humanoid Robot

    The fourth iteration of Iran's Surena robot is capable of mimicking a person's pose, grasping a water bottle, and writing its name on a whiteboard.

  4. Novel e-bike rocks integrated, expandable, hard shell panniers

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/5d/c8/568bce3e4c5b9354da15d7ca3399/83456217-1510298329138448-1843812112799891456-o.jpg" alt="The integrated carbon fiber panniers can haul 50 lb of cargo"...
  5. Canadian tiny house offers solar-powered small living

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/b5/80/3062690a469686a4023c35fd6a3d/90510234c2b82629069cd3f4776b8678.jpg" alt="The Innisfree Anarres is based on a triple-axle trailer" /><p>The Innisfree...
  6. MIT's 2-cent RFID tags sense soiled diapers on the cheap

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/b4/01/287ea9854e38a9389a12076ea81d/mit-diaper-rfid-press.jpg" alt="Scientists at MIT have developed a cheap sensor that could be used in smart diapers to...
  7. Pagani's €5-million Imola hypercar looks just like the €2-mil Huayra

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/63/18/510be07b4ce6853382b43f89e763/imola-neutra-ginevra-2020-nero-def0002.jpg" alt="The Pagani Imola somehow gets its own model name despite clearly being a...
  8. Pint-sized molecule could slip through the gaps to tackle Parkinson's

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/3f/8e/8953bdae4582ac16853d5603c21c/depositphotos-52790577-l-2015.jpg" alt="Scientists are working to develop therapies that tackle a decline in dopamine...
  9. Rattlesnake venom compound points to promising new painkiller

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/df/72/3d1c24f44de18d45ed3bf95abe48/224402-web.jpg" alt="Crotoxin, found in the venom of this South American rattlesnake, may be a promising new painkiller...
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    Innovative Patch Repairs Damaged Hearts

    Heart tissue damaged by heart attached doesn't heal very well, the electrical signaling can be hindered and the pumping action weakened.

  11. New, detailed images of novel coronavirus released by US lab

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/8b/1b/14693af94c6990013d5db9908784/49530315718-7fb7c0e7f1-o.jpg" alt="This transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2 – also known as 2019-nCoV –...
  12. How bilingualism can hold back a flood of Alzheimer's symptoms

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/93/ca/ec9cc1e747d686295293c02dc767/depositphotos-12012088-l-2015.jpg" alt="A new study has found that while bilingualism can hold back the symptoms of...
  13. Review: 2020 Volvo S60 PHEV hits a sweet spot for luxury sedans

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/99/7d/cb87962b4f63841a7968917c73b0/239387-new-volvo-s60-r-design-exterior.jpg" alt="The Volvo S60 is the automaker's midsize luxury sedan, built on a modular...
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    Wireless Pill can Target Drug Delivery

    Veloce Digital Health is developing an ingestible smart pill called SmartTab that can be wirelessly controlled by a smartphone to release its contents at precise locations.

  15. Antworten

    Aston Martin unveils 190mph Vantage Roadster

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/5b/96/aab57c1f4931b4e2ef30ac522a85/aston-martin-vantage-roadster-08.jpg" alt="The Aston Martin Vantage Roadster (left) joins the Vantage Coupe in the...
  16. The professionals shine in 2020 Sony World Photography Award finalists

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/be/2c/cad6d0974c278634ff47255d6411/5065-6-16399-nicholasmoir-australia-professional-documentary-2020.jpg" alt="Shortlisted in the Documentary category. From a...
  17. Virgin Galactic's spaceplane relocated to Spaceport America

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/57/ce/d10df8634c0c8e22d15af14712c2/sfs-and-spaceport.jpg" alt="The Virgin Galactic Spaceflight System in front of Spaceport America" /><p>Virgin Galactic has...
  18. Antworten

    Look Ahead Goggles Focus Your Attention

    Look Ahead Pro Goggles provide an innovative way to enhance your focus when engaging in fast and furious outdoor sports.

  19. Conductive polymer patch designed to repair damaged hearts

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/74/c2/35adae734ee49bc5117ee8abca05/224223-web.jpg" alt="The prototype heart patch" /><p>After a heart attack has occurred, some of the beating cardiac tissue...
  20. Antworten

    Tiny house designed around a family's needs

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/85/47/8d82e65a40d68c5fdeae32dd52c2/social-media-1.jpg" alt="The Tiny T?wharau cost around NZD 145,000 (roughly US$93,000)" /><p>Raising a family can be...
  21. Neural networks create authentic digital models of analog amps

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/96/32/80e7370942c990ddaa335d357e6b/aalto-university-press-release-anechoic-chamber-26-1-2020-photo-mikko-raskinen-006.jpg" alt="In tests, listeners found...
  22. Modular e-boat slices the high seas with Swiss Army knife versatility

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/5d/0d/644bf09f41189a0a91f11dcadef4/dc-bi-selection-3-dutchcraft-dc-25-85.jpg" alt="The DC25's bow door makes it easier to walk right onto shore" /><p>The...
  23. 2020s kick off with Earth's hottest January on record

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/9a/ba/312e814440eb8a6663db7157dfe9/depositphotos-8147883-xl-2015.jpg" alt="Man-made global warming, driven by the burning of fossil fuels, has led to the...
  24. Get a $1,199 iMac for just $349 with this Valentine's Day deal

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/89/9d/0130ca784099975188fd6563fbc8/sale-19286-primary-image.jpg" alt="null" /><p>Whether you’re a creative or a casual computer user, the Apple iMac makes a...
  25. M2S launches its second-gen R750 All Terrain e-bike from $1,299

    <p><img src="https://assets.newatlas.com/b6/1b/07b40bca4f36969c60522d1186f2/the-all-terrain-r750-ht-avail.jpeg" alt="M2S has updated its R750 All Terrain e-bike for 2020" /><p>North Carolina company...
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